I put the knitting machine away when tidying up the other day, and I now have the supplies to either start work on the fourth (and final?) knitted hat, OR I could weave myself a scarf based on my last black scarf pattern. Since everything is put away it is equally convenient to start either project.

Now I have to decide, knitting or weaving?

@NebbyBeulah At the moment I'm relying on patterns I find online, and I've had mixed results so far. I did find some knitting machine pattern books for sale online (most are from the 1980s and 1990s) and am hoping someone gets me one for Christmas.

When I become more experienced, there are explanations for how to adapt traditional knitting patterns to machine knitting that I hope to be able to use.

@kyle I think I have one or two old machine knitting mags shelved. I’ll look.

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