My handwoven tote bag is done! I wasn't sure whether my plan for the tweed background and purple krokbragd pattern stripe would work but I'm really happy how it turned out.

This time I used raw leather strips for the handles which meant an extra hour punching holes in leather. Like my previous tote this is lined and has interfacing so it can stand up on its own.

@kyle I can't believe you made this!! It's quite lovely. What is the lining? And was it with your antique sewing machine? Did you have to do anything special to stitch a thick material?

@katherined Thank you!
It just has a simple black fabric lining (I didn't weave the lining, I actually got a few yards of good-quality-but-cheap fabric from a local thrift store).

I did use the antique sewing machine to sew the sides and also the box stitch for the bottom of the tote. Since there was no interfacing at that point the thickness of the fabric wasn't much of an issue.

The rest of the sewing (the hem and handles) I hand stitched, which was pretty tough w/ the interfacing.

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