These fast ⁨⁩ projects are a nice departure from the more involved ones. Here's a merino wool scarf I wove this weekend on my rigid heddle loom (my floor loom is still dressed for a different project).

@kyle Super cool. Have you ever done anything with looms that use paper punch cards? Rigid heddle looms look very pretty. Great looking scarf.

@jhamner Thank you! I haven't yet had the pleasure of working with any sort of Dobby or Jacquard loom yet, just my standard 4-harness Jack floor loom and my rigid heddle. One day when I have more space I'd love to have either a full-featured Glimakra draw loom or a Dobby so I can do more complex patterns.

@kyle It's a bucket list item of mine to see a working Dobby or Glimakra. I like early textiles history. Although, I think it is a little funny that the first time I heard about them was from a virtual machine construction class in college.

@jhamner There is a great technology museum in Paris that has a whole room devoted to the technology of weaving. It also has an original silk portrait of Jacquard he made on his invention and used for demos.

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