Why support Purism? We believe people should have that fully respects their freedom. Being a social purpose company means doing social good for society before maximizing profits, and that makes us quite a different company from the big tech players. Thank you for supporting us!

@purism > doing social good for society before maximizing profits

why is ur stuff so expensive then :(

@kallisti @purism Because funding free software development sustainably doesn't come cheap. Check out this post about how Purism funds free software:


And this one specifically on what our supporters have funded in the Librem 5 project:


@kyle @purism @kallisti You can't fight capitalists with capitalism... every dollar towards funding free software is going to be matched by a thousand dollars towards destroying it. People fund you with their salary, which they got from a company who earn more than they pay their employees, using those profits to actively sabatoge communities, including free software ones. I mean, it might not be that bad, but...

@loveisgrief @purism @kyle @kallisti Right, that's what I'm saying. You can't fight capitalism, by throwing more capitalism at FLOSS. And you must fight capitalism, because it destroys everything that cannot fight it.

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