If you wanted to know why I'm thankful I don't need to replace my car, and if I did, it wouldn't be with a modern one, here's why: themarkup.org/the-breakdown/20

@kyle @purism "and vote with our dollar for products that protect the customer". I wonder, I do not know, if any eg car magazine anywhere in the world, make any sort of test, list or anything from this and/or privacy point of view!?

@hehemrin @purism This is why you need a combination of that and regulation. Consumer demand in other industries that do have options would show there's a market (privacy can be profitable), and regulation can provide limits in areas where there isn't alternatives (data collection becomes less profitable).

@kyle @purism Yes, cannot say you are wrong...! Hope there will be some good journalists to bring attention to all of us and the regulators.

@kyle Troublesome, I believe, to combine non-modern with a fossile free engine.

@hehemrin While a lot of it is custom and expensive work, the demand is high enough you are starting to see aftermarket kits for popular vehicles. For instance this company has a series of kits for vintage porsche and VW models: evwest.com/catalog/index.php?c

@kyle Wow, of course... when there is a market, things can be invented. I didn't know about this kind of conversion existed, tnx for link. I don't have a car, never have had, but my dad have a "almost new" in my view Volvo S60 from 2007. Maybe it can get a 2nd life as EV. By the way, your link reminds I read about the Mars II Electric manufactured in the 1960s. (article is locked, but you can see the first photo). dn.se/motor/i-backspegeln-elbi

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