Well that was fast. I just finished ⁨⁩ the scarf. Now I just need to take it off the loom, tie the fringe, and wash/full it.

@goatwildernesscollective The thing about weaving by hand is that no one in the modern mechanized-fabric world would pay what I would charge for my time, not to mention time *and* materials, even if I were only to charge a living wage. Even this simple project will take about 8 hours labor and about $50 in materials.

After weaving, I finally understand why clothing in pre-Industrial times were considered so valuable. Worn is a good recent book that talks about this history.

@kyle nice i will check it out! if you sold them for proceeds to go to charity i think people would spend more but yeah prob a little expensive ha

@kyle Do you have one of those tassle twisters? They're so fun to use

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