My biggest worry about Apple crossing the Rubicon with client-side searches is all the other vendors that inevitably copy Apple innovations, but poorly. Even if Apple can keep their promises, others won't. Imagine a home (and car) full of devices searching for crimes. ⁨

I wrote about the longer-term implications of Apple's client-side scanning, in particular that other vendors will follow Apple's lead and do it poorly.

The hard part is getting customers to accept client-side scanning to begin with. With that out of the way, expanding it later is easy.

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@kyle Do you imply they don't do this right now? Obviously any mobile platform is doing content scanning, this is part of media library indexing. Apple can do edge computing because they know caps of their platform, doing it blanketly on android may render os unusable on some low end devices. So they will do what they are doing right now - upload to the cloud and do whatever they want with it. So will just make it as an official cover.

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