iPhone users don't live in a walled garden, they live in a digital nursing home. They are well taken care of, but Apple controls the property, activities and visitors. Apple plans to search residents regularly for contraband.

Apple protects residents' privacy by having robots strip search them first. Humans only do strip searches after the robot finds something suspicious.

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@kyle @frainz Blame them, but blame them all: Google, Twitter and Facebook (including Instagram and WhatsApp) are doing this since a couple of years.

@daftwullie @kyle I think the difference is that they plan to do it to local files as well

@daftwullie @kyle @frainz There's no need to blame them all because it's a well knonw fact. Apple was trying to stand aside, on a white horse, with a waving banner, typed in golden letters "We collect your crap but we don't look at it and don't let others". Now, like the google and the gang they admit - we actually are looking at your crap. But for your own good of course!!111

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