iPhone users don't live in a walled garden, they live in a digital nursing home. They are well taken care of, but Apple controls the property, activities and visitors. Apple plans to search residents regularly for contraband. apple.com/child-safety/

Apple protects residents' privacy by having robots strip search them first. Humans only do strip searches after the robot finds something suspicious.

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@kyle @frainz Blame them, but blame them all: Google, Twitter and Facebook (including Instagram and WhatsApp) are doing this since a couple of years.

@daftwullie @kyle I think the difference is that they plan to do it to local files as well

@daftwullie @kyle @frainz There's no need to blame them all because it's a well knonw fact. Apple was trying to stand aside, on a white horse, with a waving banner, typed in golden letters "We collect your crap but we don't look at it and don't let others". Now, like the google and the gang they admit - we actually are looking at your crap. But for your own good of course!!111

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