Imagine if you could file a digital restraining order against tech companies. If a creepy person follows you any time you leave your house, looks through your mail, and watches you from the street whenever you're at home, you can legally make them stop. Why not companies?

@kyle especially since the SCOTUS decided companies are people in 2010. Guess our spam filters, firewalls, and E2EE are all we got though.

@kyle Wouldn't the enforcement of such a restraining order require even MORE invasions of your privacy to gather "evidence"?

@ktanner @kyle "innocent until proven guilty" is not a doctrine applicable to regulations, though. It is entirely acceptable and bolstered by quite a bit of precedent to place the burden of responsibility upon companies to prove they are in compliance with regulations. Individuals and regulators need not gather evidence to prove privacy is being invaded, and thank goodness for that. The law generally understands power gradients.

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