"Anonymized" location data, isn't. Catholic priest resigns after legally-obtained Grindr app data from a broker correlated location data with his and relatives' homes, his place of work, and gay bars. arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20

@kyle I’ve seen what passes as Anonymous Data and wondered how anyone could conclude there was anything anonymous about it. Disturbing.

@ajmartinez Yeah, "It turns out this anonymized phone identifier at your home all night every night and during the work week it's at your place of work all day. I wonder if it's you."

@kyle yeah if the anonymous ID is assigned once it ain’t anonymous. Part of the problem is the cult of Big Data and METRICS.

@kyle Yikes 😬 this is wrong on so many levels. Not only the data tracking and selling, but also that these homophobic dinosaurs are making such stupid rules.

@kyle this is quite a good counter example of the nothing to hide argument though

@karmanyaahm My favorite is the classic "what metadata can tell you" example of: woman gets call from her doctor, then immediately calls her mother, then calls an abortion clinic.

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