"Anonymized" location data, isn't. Catholic priest resigns after legally-obtained Grindr app data from a broker correlated location data with his and relatives' homes, his place of work, and gay bars.

@kyle I wish people could better protect themselves against this sort of thing. Location data off, mobile network only, would make a big difference.

@tfb One problem is that even if you explicitly disable location services, iPhones and Android still phone home. When the OS is built around data collection, it's hard to turn it off.

@tfb @kyle Won‘t help too much as the mobile carriers do have enough location data even without GPS I think. The correct way is to deny carriers to sell this data or to use non-mobile data connection for any sensitive content and action.

@kyle I’ve seen what passes as Anonymous Data and wondered how anyone could conclude there was anything anonymous about it. Disturbing.

@ajmartinez Yeah, "It turns out this anonymized phone identifier at your home all night every night and during the work week it's at your place of work all day. I wonder if it's you."

@kyle yeah if the anonymous ID is assigned once it ain’t anonymous. Part of the problem is the cult of Big Data and METRICS.

@kyle Yikes 😬 this is wrong on so many levels. Not only the data tracking and selling, but also that these homophobic dinosaurs are making such stupid rules.

@kyle this is quite a good counter example of the nothing to hide argument though

@karmanyaahm My favorite is the classic "what metadata can tell you" example of: woman gets call from her doctor, then immediately calls her mother, then calls an abortion clinic.

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