My local thrift store is a gold mine! I dropped by there on a whim and found another Stahly live Blade with the original box. Last week we found a vintage ad for the razor online that I framed and will hang next to the sink. I bought this razor cheaper than the MSRP in the ad!

This new razor shaves even better than the other one! I think I might be a convert...

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Razor update: this Stahly is now my favorite razor even over my vintage Fat Boy and my unbranded German travel razor. Consistently smooth shaves every time.

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@Sirofthenorthernterritories Yes, it uses the standard Gilette-style double-edged razor blades. It's not just the vibration but also the design of the head itself that I think lends to the quality of the shave.

@kyle yeah they all market their "new even better head". I like the choice you have when shaving with traditional tools

@Sirofthenorthernterritories Yeah the free choice in both razors and blades is what keeps bringing me back to safety razors, and since blades aren't proprietary, I buy in bulk every few years and they cost me a few dollars a year.

@kyle and we even haven't started talking about the shaving soap/cream and brushes ;)

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