Buidl Crypto just published an long-form interview with me where I touch on just about every aspect of @purism. It's a great conversation, check it out here:

@kyle Nice interview, always great to hear more about @purism and what brought you to them. 👍

@kyle @purism Would be cool if we could listen to it in a drm-free format.

@artelse @purism That would be up to the owner of that podcast--I don't have control over how the interview is distributed.

@kyle @artelse @purism

Searching around, I saw that podcast is also hosted at buzzsprout. May be the podcaster doesn't advertise it.

Link to the feed.
Buidl Crypto:

Direct url to the podcast episode.
Buidl Crypto: #12. Purism, privacy first tech that challenges big tech.

@kyle, you were not sure how to pronounce RISC-V. One of the co-founders explains it here, at around 1m 35s. It's the fifth version ot RISC.

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