Today's thrift store find: vintage Stahly "Live Blade" vibrating safety razor. After winding the base the razor vibrates for about 3 mins. These were made between the `40s and early `70s. Date code B stamped on head, guessing this is a later model as the head feels like aluminum.

I admit I'm a little nervous moving a vibrating razor blade across my face. I'll shave with it tomorrow morning and report back on whether it was a close, comfortable shave or a bloodbath.

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Verdict: more of a mild skirmish than a bloodbath. Similar # of nicks as any time I use a brand new blade and fewer than I normally get when trying a new razor. Close, comfortable shave. Actually pleased with the results and looking forward to the next shave.

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I'd actually recommend this for someone new to safety razors. The mild setting on the head combined with being weighted opposite most razors (bottom of handle instead of head) means it's a lot easier to use minimal pressure and let the blade (and vibration) do the work.

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@kyle If we don't hear any update should someone call for help?

@kyle interesting, I've not used a safety razor of that type (vibrating or otherwise). Just my straight razor. Haven't used that in a while either if I'm honest.

@ajmartinez I shaved with a straight razor (Dovo Shavette) the last few months when I had my beard and really liked it, but last time I used it long-term on my full face I had a few... mishaps... on my chin that made me opt for more safety over risking a scar.

@kyle my Dovo may actually need to be sharpened after like a decade of getting by just honing on a leather strop. I have the stones here with me to do it. Maybe I will.

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