If I could help computer users understand one thing it would be that unless something changes, their future computer will be locked down like their phone, so they can only install software if the OS vendor approves. I talk about this in a new blog post:

@kyle That is why Iam hesitant to buy an electric car honestly. Unauthorized software upgrades on air, really?

@kyle thankfully there are many open source OSes to choose from.

Will read, we cannot let computers get locked down like phones. Do you have stockists in #Australia?

Actual, physical, walk-in, brick-and-mortar stockists.

We need open and ideally printable hardware now.


@dsfgs No brick and mortar locations anywhere currently. Online only at the moment.

@kyle You know where those programs on mobile devices come from? Not the vendor. Programmers can write and install anything they like on their own device. They just can't easily ship bundled apps to non-programmers. Which is, who cares?

There's also programming environments on mobile. Useless to non-programmers, but programmers can do anything they like.

Stores just inhibit the spread of viruses.

@kyle I did mechanical engineering, and my love for computers since childhood has been a driver to make me learn new stuff every now and then and so I even converted to being a fulltime linux user. Recently I met a software engineer and thought we could have a nice chat. Found out he doesn't care about privacy, and just wants stuff that work easily out of the box xD. I would spend some more time tweaking and learning while maintaining true ownership of my computing equipment :),, thanks!

@kyle The collective efforts of various projects in the Linux ecosystem are thankfully providing increasingly better options every day.

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