Our lives all begin within a toxic soup of fear, addiction & anger.

Without faith in our ability to heal our wounds as well as a strong desire for emotional truth…we will also die in that toxic soup.

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Have you ever wondered why the super hero movie genre has generated so many billion dollar success stories?…they normalize our trauma, and show how we have fallen in love with our tormentor (justified violence).

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Fear is the mind killer, and is the seedbed of every bad idea humanity has embraced…the most notable being the belief that war can actually solve any problem.

On November 1, speaking at an expert panel convened by Senator Ron Johnson, British Medical Journal Editor Peter Doshi gave a groundbreaking presentation. Watch the five-minute presentation here:


Here is a German lawyer, famous for suing Deutche Bank.

He outlines the efforts of the “mainstream” media corporations, governments & pharmaceutical companies to effect one of the largest transfers of wealth in history, by using a fabricated global pandemic.


Amish dislike of government, public education & modern medicine resulted in 2020 being their most prosperous year ever. youtu.be/O1DgWYdukZU

Whatever we don’t understand, we fear.

Whatever we fear, we try to control.

The path to mastery requires humility and the acknowledgment that the fire of every fear has a corresponding “water of truth” that will quench it.

If you know of any death that did not involve an obvious cause, that is less than a day after receiving one of the COVID vaccines, please add a link below.

A short documentary about the progress made so far to eliminate the use of mercury in dentistry. youtu.be/BB3OoAixt7Q =

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Help Dr. Mercola double his $150,000 donation to promote the EPIC achievement of getting the FDA to acknowledge the damage done by “silver amalgam” fillings. High risk includes & people with .


darkness is to night
what radiance is to day

falling is to gravity
what flying is to aerodynamics

weapons are to war
what toys are to play

pharmaceuticals are to medicine
what food is to naturopathy

infection is to germ theory
what resilience is to terrain theory

I believe the Bible has many flaws but the Bible actually alludes to vegan wolves in Isaiah 11:6 “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb”

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