I have Raspberry Pis scattered around my house wired to my network performing various tasks (like controlling 3D printers). Since they are always on anyway, I'm turning some of them into WiFi APs to extend WiFi coverage where there is weak signal.

@kyle So you are covering your house with BCM blobs?

@owingst Ya, so it's easy to add things like hostapd after the fact.

@kyle I found out about Octoprint after I purchased the Skr 1.4 turbo for my Sidewinder X1. I may have to add a pi to it with Octoprint in the future. I've heard a lot of good things about it.

@owingst I like octoprint quite a bit. It's nice having a standalone rpi managing my printer w/ a web UI to monitor the print including via the rpi camera. I also use the web-based slicer even though some people these days recommend recent cura instead.

@owingst octoprint has included a cura plugin for some time that lets you upload an stl through the web UI and slice it directly on the rpi. It shows 3d views, lets you tweak settings. It's great and I never use slicers on my computer anymore. Sadly they deprecated it.

@kyle just out of curiosity, would the librem 5 be able to run blender? That's what I use for designing my STLs.

@owingst We have shown it in a few convergence videos on our YouTube and LBRY channels. It obviously won't render as fast as a recent desktop computer but apparently works when docked.

@kyle Is there anything the L5 can't do? I am amazed at the progress y'all have made with that. I am excited to get one.

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