I've worn a smart watch for 4 yrs. At first I was on call and quick access to notifications was a huge bonus. Recently I've questioned its effect on me so today I switched back to a traditional watch as a test. This thread contains my observations.

1. I have checked my wrist frequently, sometimes only minutes apart, for notifications that aren't there. I almost never check to see the actual time.

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2. While writing the previous post I literally checked my analog wristwatch to see if there was a response to my first post yet.

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3. Despite looking at my watch, if you had asked me what time it was, I couldn't have told you.

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4. I find myself looking at my wrist in the dark, even though this watch doesn't have a backlight.

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5. This first day with an analog watch has already revealed to me just how much a smart watch has created subconscious, compulsive habits. It's unnerving to see tech rewire your brain like that.

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@kyle these are all the reasons I never got a smart watch and never plan to. I’ve spent the last two years trying pretty hard to reduce the amount of time I spend looking at any kind of screen. At the same time I want to maximize the potential for being able to solve challenging problems from ALL of my devices.

Here’s an interesting one to try: charge your phone in a different room while you sleep.


@ajmartinez Ya I've been charging my phone in another room for awhile (except for fire season when I wanted evac alerts to wake me up). But of course the watch charges on my nightstand and it will vibrate with certain types of notifications.

@kyle the first few times I did it was a real eye opener. The only time I keep it around is during hurricane season, or when someone’s in the hospital.

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