I've worn a smart watch for 4 yrs. At first I was on call and quick access to notifications was a huge bonus. Recently I've questioned its effect on me so today I switched back to a traditional watch as a test. This thread contains my observations.

1. I have checked my wrist frequently, sometimes only minutes apart, for notifications that aren't there. I almost never check to see the actual time.

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2. While writing the previous post I literally checked my analog wristwatch to see if there was a response to my first post yet.

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3. Despite looking at my watch, if you had asked me what time it was, I couldn't have told you.

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4. I find myself looking at my wrist in the dark, even though this watch doesn't have a backlight.

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5. This first day with an analog watch has already revealed to me just how much a smart watch has created subconscious, compulsive habits. It's unnerving to see tech rewire your brain like that.

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6. I would use my smart watch timer app for my coffee, so I replaced it with a kitchen timer clipped to my French Press.

7. Day Three. Still looking for phantom notifications on my watch, but I'm catching and stopping myself more often than not. The tell is when you look away from your watch without knowing the time. It's nice not having to charge my watch every night.

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I've actually never used a timer for my French press. I've always gone by, "yeah, that feels like it's been long enough. "

@kyle How long do you steep coffee before you compress your French press?

@sbeebe Four minutes, which I think is considered the standard time by many people.

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