Some say that people don't care about , but Facebook is convinced that enough people won't opt into being tracked that they are removing tracking by unique phone identifier entirely before opt in gets implemented in iOS 14:


Due to FB and app developer pressure, Apple changed their mind about mandating apps ask permission before tracking users in iOS 14. That lobbying power should tell you everything you need to know about how much money is made through tracking in iOS apps:

Also, if this is the state of things in the iOS app store, what does that tell you about Android?

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@kyle All the more reason we are really looking forward to the librem 5!

@kyle disappointing, but not surprising. Just more evidence that Apple's talk of valuing and protecting privacy is little more than a marketing gimmick.

@kyle I hate #Apple.

Also, I hate #Facebook even more...

I don't trust them and really dislike their business practices.

I don't use their products and will avoid them while I have a choice.

@kyle I'm going to keep hoping that Apple remains true to their claim that this is only a delay. :blobnervous:

@polychrome What I wonder is what the delay accomplishes, outside of giving all these apps time to get the same data but without this specific identifier so as not to trigger the opt-in pop-up.

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