"Google is a popular target for this kind of request because almost everyone uses Google products in one way or another ... Moreover, Google frequently has GPS data that places a user's phone to within a few meters" arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20

@kyle when I rage-quit the use of any Google products I downloaded all of the data made available to me. 185GB, compressed. A lot of it truly shocking, as I do not recall opting in to its collection nor do I recall ever having the option to say no. I figured it would mostly be my GMail archives, but it was so very much more. It would not surprise me if there’s another 185GB worth of data about me that was not made available to me.

@ajmartinez I am working toward firing Google myself. As I wasn't going to use an Apple product, it had to wait until I could fully switch over to my Librem 5 as a daily driver. It's almost to that point now, but I also sadly use Google Fi as a carrier so I will have to change that as well.

@kyle my iDevices are things I love to hate, and I look forward to getting myself onto a Librem 5 as well. TMo as a carrier has managed to do pretty well by me, even with some of their sillier policies regarding my perpetual international roaming. That said, I do get a huge discount for my veteran status and without it I don't think I'd have gone with them.

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