The announcement that the DEA was authorized to conduct covert surveillance on protestors got me thinking about how one could protect oneself against that kind of mass surveillance. In this post I give a quick overview of Stingray technology, the implications of its use at a protest, how aerial stingrays (“dirtboxes”) extends its mass-surveillance capabilities, and how the Librem 5’s hardware kill switches give you control over where, when and how you are surveilled.

@darkijah No idea. We are a standard federated mastodon instance running a custom fork called "smilodon" but we should federate as normal.

@kyle hmm i think they might be banning as it is not popular for there stand on freedom of speech.

@kyle multiple things have banned its - clients, app stores and others like paypal has closed connection to them.

@kyle I can't seem to find any accounts from this server although not sure if I am doing something wrong in the search in Gab or the otherway around. Although I can find others from other servers although havinh some isues adding them to Gab.

@darkijah Maybe they blocked us, however I believe some of my followers use accounts from that instance. I don't believe has blocked federation with any other full mastodon server.

My account is if you find me. I guess it might need the @ in front of it. Not certain.

@kyle Yeah I live in the Atlanta area and these transparently tyrannical surveillance measures terrify me. Don’t even carry my mobile anywhere because I don’t fancy wearing a remotely readable ID badge. Can’t wait till I save enough to buy a librem 5 : ). At least with all the rotten stuff happening this year it’s now socially acceptable to wear a mask.

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