Following -19 medical advice is a partisan issue in the US now. The virus is non-partisan, but if one party engages in riskier behavior resulting in more deaths among its members, recent elections have been close enough that it could impact the outcome in November.

So please be careful out there, whatever your politics.

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@kyle The sad part is it's the complete inaction of the US government to address the economic needs of the population during the lockdown that has caused this. The virus and economic shutdown are intertwined.

@kyle sadly, the existence of the virus is seen as a political opinion in the US, instead of a fact.

@kyle I'd realised this back in February.

One hopeful consequence would be that the ruling political party in a large North American country would see the situation as a threat to its grasp on power and act accordingly.

Another was that it wouldn't.

Especially as the elderly are the most affected, predominantly Republican voters

@dredmorbius @kyle
The anti-vaxxers are all over the CovID-19 "hoax" I saw one calling it a "Plandemic". Apparently it is a hoax to stop Trump being re-elected. Hope it works.

@kyle I think they need a really big election conference to boost their popularity; that should finish them off.

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