There are three main categories of authentication:
Something you know
Something you have
Something you leave copies of everywhere you go.

Biometric authentication has a built-in backup system. Smart. 🙃

@kyle Aren’t there better alternatives for “what you are”, such as the “heart pattern” or behaviour?

Certainly not in use, at least for the general public, but those could be better alternatives, couldn’t they? I must admit behaviour also is something that could be copied though

@thibaultamartin The problem is that biometrics are not secret but are treated like they are. Unless you are a twin, your DNA is very unique, yet you leave copies of that everywhere. People focus too much on the uniqueness of a biometric instead of how easy it is to copy/approximate/fake.

@kyle i totally agree with that. Biometrics are shortcuts for identification, not authentication

@thibaultamartin @kyle Biometrics: Seems like a flaw to have a password that doesn't expire and doesn't change

@nickh @thibaultamartin @kyle
Passwords that you litter copies around under your keyboard and biometric keys have a common expiry date: immediately.

@kyle fingerprints should be used as identification, not authentication.

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