I can't speak for the rest of the @linuxjournal archive, but I own the decade+ worth of articles I wrote. A lot of them are just as relevant today (I refer to them myself quite often). Would anyone be interested in some kind of "Best of Hack and /" polished and updated compilation?

@timhildred @linuxjournal Exploring options, but I love the feel of a real book.

@kyle @timhildred @linuxjournal

Yes please. (both and. If possible a nicely bound POD?)

@kyle @linuxjournal I have purchased many magazine archives, and heck I just purchased the recent DevOps issue, but @linuxjournal refunded me oddly enough. I would love to see what you put together.


I, for one, would be interested in something like that. It's a shame this happened shortly after I started following the Linux Journal, so I haven't read too many of the articles.


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