I'm so sorry to say it, but today @linuxjournal closed down for good. As you can imagine we are all so sad that this is the end. You can read my final goodbye here:

@kyle Dadgumit! If you have the source code, I think many users would appreciate launching it on a free hosting site.

#NeoCities is pretty cool. Or, you can also point to the #IPFS Gateway ( I Believe).

Then, you can put up a shutdown banner like #Gawker did in 2016.

Either way, this is super sad news.
Wish you all the best of luck!

@kyle Super sad about this. I had just become a subscriber when ya'll relaunched. It has been something I've looked forward to each month. I've even been using the bash script to automatically download issues. I wrote me a little script to give me a menu on which article I wanted to read from the terminal.

On that note, I went to the backissues page to try to grab as much as I can and the page is no longer loading. Is that because everyone else has the same idea as me or has it been taken down?

.@kyle I read the message in disbelief and with disappointment. Good luck to all of you and thank you!

@kyle I remember getting the first issue of LJ. I was a subscriber from day one, and reading a magazine about Linux, which was still considered hobbyist on some circles at this time was very exciting.

Thanks for all the work for all this time.

@kyle now I'm curious why it didn't make it. Just when I was getting into it. Help guess ill read a few articles before its gone and good luck to all involved.

@kyle Saw this in my email and on Twitter last night after getting home from work. That sucks about the magazine shutting down. 😢 That definitely hit though. Best wishes with everyone's future endeavors.

@kyle Any chance it will be uploaded to the wayback machine @ At least the public stuff?

@kyle Thanks for all your work. I'd been a subscriber for a long time, circumstances have prevented that for some years.

Publishing is a hell of an industry these days, and LJ has definitely put in a stellar effort.

It is missed.

@kyle Many thanks to you and the entire @linuxjournal team for the many hours of enjoyable reading, useful information, and FLOSS advocacy.

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