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Mozilla announced "Enhanced Tracking Protection" to protect people from tracking (, but if you check out the list of trackers, all Google trackers are still allowed through.

To follow up, *some* Google sites are on the block list, but many more are on the unblock list. The complete list of blocked sites is here: and the list of sites they allow through is here:

@kyle Thanks for pointing this out.... shiiiiiiit

@kyle Gosh, and Google is the source of most of their revenue.

I'll be sticking with Privacy Badger (on Firefox).

@freakazoid To be fair, explains on their site that they don't accept money to unblock sites.

I'm more wondering how effective tracker blocking is, if most of Google's domains are on the unblock list...

@kyle are you sure "all" is correct here? there are a lot of country specific ones correct. but none like gstatic, tagmanager or tagservices that do the real tracking

@dekkzz78 Check out my follow up reply to this post. Upon examining the block list I found some Google sites that aren't also on the unblock list (some are on both, I assume unblock takes precedence), so I should have said "many" instead of "all".

@kyle no biggie, i block most of googles domains but a lot mainly the country specific ones don't track

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