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“if your web page doesn’t fit in one of these, you’re an idiot and you’re doing it wrong!” absolute🔥from dave at #SotB2023

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Call 911 — I just witnessed a murder. 😀

The Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama is the president of the UN security council this month, and when Russia tried to argue multiple times, Ukraine speaking in the UN was “against the rules”, Edi Rama replied:

“I must say, coming from you, all this about breaking the rules — it is quite an impressive shot. But there is a solution for this: You stop the war, and president Zelenskyy will not take the floor.”

From 6:30 an onwards:

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Crash Course to LXD

Follow-up from my previous blog post. I cover installation of LXD, real-world usage instructions, and some additional tips: using profiles to limit container CPU/RAM/disk use as well as preventing fork bombs from affecting other containers or the host system.

#Sysadmin #Containers #VMs #Docker #LXD #Incus
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Since I've seen a lot of chatter about people switching to #Firefox as Google ramps up the enshitification of #Chrome, let me tell you about a killer feature for people who (a) need multiple accounts on the same websites (eg. devs) or specifically (b) have to use multiple Google accounts.

Firefox has an official addon called Multi Account Containers that lets you trivially set up color coded tabs that have separate sets of cookies. Log into your dev account in one, and your test account in another. Log into your personal #gmail in one and have another tab next to it with your work Gmail. I'm actually not signed in to any Google accounts in most my tabs, I just have containers for the specific tasks I do on Google products.

It'll take you 30 seconds to set up.


Mozilla's explanation:

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@Blort : Thanks Blort 😉

@valerydesignwrks : I would recommend , a forum around the digital free/libre and open source software Krita.

It's not for professional only, but I don't know any groups or hashtags that triage the users making a main source of income with their art and the one who prefer to keep it as a hobby. Hashtag like MastoArt can help the discovery of profiles, but you'll have to check bios for the pro/hobby status.

@sylvia_ritter @Curator @editor

@evan I carry my "important stuff" -- like my phone and credit cards -- in my pockets. My commute-to-work stuff goes in my backpack.

Since I couldn't vote for both, I went with Backpack.

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Another value I think we'll need to cultivate is an appreciation of place, instead of the celebration of global placelessness we have now.

We need to reduce travel and restore ecosystems. We need to eat native foods, grown locally. Learning to love the place that you live in, and taking responsibility for it, may be an important value change.

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Here is the process of the artwork that I have published earlier today: "Just Found You":

1. Black and white drawing
2. Colouring under the lines
3. Top layer edge lights with Luminance/Shine (Sai) blend mode
4. Post/Fx: Rain, glow, vignette and depth of field blur.

Source Krita file with layers:

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

#Krita #MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CreativeCommons

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I just watched this for a second time, and wound up in even more helpless giggles. It kinda has to be watched to be appreciated:

(NB: funnier if you know the music of #Evanescence.)

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some people who make programming easier

(who am I missing?)

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@BjornToftMadsen when I’ve had calls from my bank I always ask for a name, then tell them I’m going to ring them back from the support number on their website. General confusion from the bank, but so far it’s worked every time. Luckily I’ve not yet had a fraudulent call.

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I ordered a gorgeous #lateart of #peppercarrot from @davidrevoy at Reissue Cafe in Tokyo.

It also felt cool that I was probably one of the only customers asking to reproduce a drawing they were formally allowed to use thanks to #CreativeCommons ❤️

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Ready to feel ancient? Wil Wheaton is older now (51) than Patrick Stewart was when TNG premiered (47).

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I'm going to do some science outreach in my son's primary school, and I've received the most wonderful advice:

'when they start speaking, first ask them if it's a story or a question. if it's a story, make sure to cut them off early or they'll talk forever.'

*it works exactly the same with senior academics after presentations*

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I know, it’s just a “Someone Is Wrong On The Internet” piece, but that NYTimes piece about Why Signal Is Bad And Privacy Is Bad needs to be refuted in a compact explainer, so here’s mine:

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Shoutout to all the #activityPub developers that are dealing with this huge influx of people!

I have the unique privilege of running the only non-mastodon instance ( among the top 20 most popular #fediverse instances.

Doing my best to keep it running smoothly, and also ship bug fixes, new features and the mobile apps 😅

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With everything that has been going on with the influx of Twitter users pouring into @fosstodon , it got me thinking more about supporting the open source "things" that I value...

"Do You Have an Extra $10?"$10/

#opensource #fosstodon #support

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A gentle reminder to folks who are new to Mastodon. In solidarity with those in the disabled community who rely on screen readers, we ask that you:

* Add alt text/image descriptions when you post media
* Capitalize the first letter of every word in a hashtag #LikeThis

#StrongerTogether #Accessibility #Disability #Solidarity

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Simply the absolute best advice. The next time someone asks me how they can become a better writer – and a better person! – I'm going to show them this letter.
RT @MichaelWarbur17
In 2006 a high school English teacher asked students to write to a famous author & ask for advice.

Kurt Vonnegut was the only one to respond.

His reply was a doozy.

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