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@realLizUSA Happy install your dictator day America!!!👍

"The most popular Democratic candidate in American history. Won with over 80 million votes. Don't question it, just trust us."

Join the Maximalist Den and Bitcoin Pub on Matrix, you can join via Librem.one accounts also via Librem Chat type in:
(it is .org not .com)

@milo hmm how do I access it lol, I tried putting in the address but says nothing found

I will be likely tweeting from both accounts of mine, will be making backup accounts also onto other instances. I think running a personal server is potentially privacy compromising, but I guess if I already have a few domains I could just sort it out myself. I guess a @btcdragonlord.com instance coming up soon.

@karozagorus Dammit, I'm looking through their TG chat now and see that. I'll take them off once I rewrite this toot. Thanks

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