@gopiandcode @verretor because I was having the phone open for installs from non officialsources, so it was tied to that app

@btcdragonlord @gopiandcode Non-official source include any source. Not just F-Droid. Like you could install an APK from anywhere.

@verretor @gopiandcode But I only installed stuff from F-Droid, and I saw with my own fucking eyes what happened, think I am lying?

@btcdragonlord @gopiandcode I think the reason Android blocks non-official sources by default is a security feature. Deactivating it makes you more prone to such attacks.

@btcdragonlord @gopiandcode It has nothing to do with F-Droid. You can block non-official sources and only allow them when you install/update apps from F-Droid.

Also, don't forget to do security updates regularly.


@verretor @btcdragonlord @gopiandcode Security updates regularly? When my phone doesn't even allow those?

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