Waydroid has never worked with GPU acceleration on the Librem 5 so far... time to change that!

@dos nice! is that on PureOS? Waydroid did not even work for me on Byzantium

@silmathoron Yes, Byzantium. It needs patches in kernel, Mesa and Android image though - but nothing too weird or hacky, so hopefully this will work out-of-box in a not so distant future :)

Personally IMO the linux mobile ecosystem should just ditch Anbox and waydroid, stop spending resources trying to bridge those two worlds and focus on making good mainlinux linux mobile ready apps.

But I will admit that I may be a strange person and my use cases might be different from others :)

@dos @silmathoron

@joao @dos in theory, sure, but until you get legislators to forbid mandatory Android/iOS apps, a Linux phone without Waydroid is likely to not be sufficient as a daily driver (at least it would make my life significantly more complicated)



I totally understand that stuff like having to use an android/iOS app forced on you to do tasks like online banking is a problem.

So far, luckily, I have been able to avoid that situation.

I did said in my post that I might be a strange person and that my use case might be different from others. :)


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