I am not happy with this one yet, it might change a bit over the next 30 minutes.

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@linmob about the manjaro phosh with adaptive calendar. It seems that they are using the patches that @KekunPlazas worked to make an adaptive version for pureOS and mobile in general:

manjaro repo:


PureOS repo:


Again that is still a work in progress. It is almost done, but has not yet been merged in the downstream version.

If you want to test it you can see the issues list here and add some more here:


@joao @KekunPlazas Thanks for going through this, I had this on my list for today 😀


Just a small note. Since this is still a work in progress, still being worked on, the manjaro version is missing 3 patches that were added since they pulled the patches into their package.

One of these 3 patches fixes the app not being hidden behind the keyboard, another declares the app as adaptive.

So if you test it please check if issues you find are already solved in the version that is in the Purism repo. Or mentioned in the issue tracker there.


If they are not listed or solved there then it is an actual bug :D

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