Slightly late blog post, but here goes.

Books I read - Aug 2019

ലവ് ആക്ഷന്‍ ഡ്രാമ കണ്ടു. കഴിഞ്ഞ ഒരു രണ്ടുമൂനു വര്‍ഷത്തില്‍ തീയേറ്ററില്‍ നിന്നു കണ്ട ഏറ്റവും മോശം സിനിമ.

Hey @purism , When are you upgrading masterdon installation at social?

Snowflake extension turns your browser into a proxy that connects Tor users in censored regions to the Tor network.

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Sruthi is now officially a Debian Developer (DD)!

Her gpg key was included in debian-keyring package yesterday. Now packages signed with her gpg key will be accepted into Debian archive.

#debian #FreeSoftware

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Back when the GNU project was starting, among the first things they rewrote as Free Software were:
- text editor / IDE (Emacs)
- assembler, linker, and compiler
- make

IOW, they made tools that they needed to further develop Free Software without relying on proprietary tools.

They wanted their project to be self-hosting.

Nowadays, we have more free software than ever, but we develop it using github and Discord...

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Nice touch. Mozilla has also deleted Telemetry data for that period as some users had to enable Telemetry to get the hot-fix.

"In order to respect our users’ potential intentions as much as possible, based on our current set up, we will be deleting all of our source Telemetry and Studies data for our entire user population collected between 2019-05-04T11:00:00Z and 2019-05-11T11:00:00Z."

#Firefox #Privacy #Respect

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We are running for last 6 years, started as a #diaspora service and expanded to cover #xmpp and #matrix using the same diaspora username and password. It is funded by people who care about #privacy and #FreeSoftware.

Its fully community run, with strong commitment to user privacy and #FreeSpeech. Support our crowd funding campaign to keep the service running for next 2 years.

Donate at or via Sharing this widely can help as well.

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