I am deleting my Facebook account on September 1.

I designed a special page on my website and a drip marketing campaign style series of posts for my friends on Facebook. I know this isn’t Facebook, but I will crosspost the content here.

Several people have asked me if they can reuse my blog post and this content for their own campaign.

Yes! Please do!

I applied a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. See the blog post footer for full copyright details.

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@jeremiahlee This study went on to be published in the top economics journal. Facebook is like other addictive substance and habits- cut users off and they find they are happier. This is in fact a large part of what drove me to join the Fediverse, because it is software designed only for social networking, and not also trying to keep you addicted.

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About to undertake the same path.. Just have a trial to finish (September) in which my only way to put all civil parties together has been messenger.
Once this is done, I'm off.

@jeremiahlee That website looks impressive and I like the idea. Also made me find out about hCaptcha, so another Google service for which there's an alternative.

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