We have some exciting news! The team at Purism are thrilled to announce the launch of Librem One librem.one Private and secure email, chat, social and VPN. No ads! No tracking! No data sharing! Just the best end-to-end encrypted communication and social. Join the revolution today and take back control of your data and life

@purism @Purism While I'm all for decentralisation and moving away from malicious corporate entities, I don't really like how it's made to seem as if every service on librem.one is something made by Purism. The technical specifications do say what protocol is being used but not the underlying software and I think that's an underhanded way to go about it.

At least say LibremSocial is Mastodon, LibremTunnel is PIA, LibremMail is any old mail server with tight GPG integration & K-9 Mail from Android, and that LibremFiles and Contacts will, I assume, be Nextcloud.

I really don't like people that come along, take a good open source project, rebrand it, and pass it off as their own. Transparency is a good thing and I don't really see any on the front page of librem.one

If you were operating this as a non-profit, that would one thing. It's an entirely different matter to be making money from free software without giving credit where credit is due.

@amolith I think this is a fair point. Have a look at the way #Disroot.org give credit to the software they used to run their services. The other thing currently missing on the librem.one front page is the words "source code" linked to a page the explains all the packages you use for each of your services, and provides links to their source code. If any of those packages are #AGPL, I believe you are legally obliged to do this. But either way, it would fit well with your mission.
@purism @Purism

@purism @Purism also I presume you also intend to get the #LibremOne apps packaged in #FDroid? Any idea when they might become available there?


@strypey @purism @Purism @amolith

Near the bottom of the librem.one FAQ:

"Will you release your apps on F-Droid? Yes! In the meantime, any app that speaks our open protocols will work."

Looks like some real competition for @protonvpn unless they Open Source as they have promised once and again, even though Purism is US based and thus gives me little confidence despite their warrant canary
@strypey @purism @Purism @amolith

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