We just created a for how to set up dev/test servers using our enabled forks of and running on . It should be very quick to get started using a new domain:

@guardianproject This is the first tutorial I’ve ever seen. Thank you for writing this! However, why do we need to create a separate hostname instead of adding #ECH records for an existing hostname?

@colincogle @guardianproject you could use the same hostname for both the "public_name" and the SNI in the inner ClientHello. That works, but then "public_name" is clear text, so this setup would not protect the hostname. The "public_name' is generally the CDN, then the encrypted SNI would have the actual hostname. For example, public_name as and inner SNI as

@eighthave @guardianproject Ah, I see. My personal web site is on its own dedicated IP addresses, so I wouldn’t have any tangible security benefit from #ECH, only what little performance boost this might bring.

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