Apparently 's MAC privacy protection never really worked as released in 2020, they apparently just fixed it in 17.1 after years of touting this privacy protection.

@guardianproject is a huge company, amazing how they could let something like that slip. I wonder how 's implementation of this is faring?
The more fundamental side of this problem is, because iOS is not free software, and how Apple iDevice is locked down, if it doesn't give a toggle to disable mDNS functionality, a user cannot disable it, they even cannot modify the system or install an alternative OS to avoid this pitfall, leaving user with no choice, which is the very definition of anti-user.
(On Linux you can just disable avahi. Heck, even Windows allows firewalling outbound traffic going through 5353/udp, but then again, it's not like Windows really need mDNS)

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