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it's kind of funny how frustrated and annoyed apple's announcement reads in regards to the changes they have to implement to comply with EU DMA, like > This change is a result of the DMA’s requirements, and means that EU users will be confronted with a list of default browsers before they have the opportunity to understand the options available to them. The screen also interrupts EU users’ experience the first time they open Safari intending to navigate to a webpage.

@gnomeapps one of my favorite apps tranferring log files between my arm64 mobile phone and amd64 desktop intel computer, it is flawless (one improvement could be to make Accept optional, or remove it if devices use same bluetooth, wireless network)

"Parents Rights" is a dog-whistle for abuse.

The US is the *only* country in the world which is not party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

There was a proposal by Russia a few years ago to include so-called "Parental Rights" in the convention, and it was widely rejected as it inherently is at odds with the idea of the rights of a child to be heard, respected, protected, a right to their own name and identity.

In the US, rejection of the convention is specifically because of conservative Republicans who believe that children should not have rights, and that only the authority of parents is what matters.

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I've been on the #internet before becoming an adult.

I'm not sure what adults occupied themselves with before internet. (As an internet-free kid, doing things I was not allowed to do was good.)

Maybe not being able to escape into the 'net is how people could focus on great pursuits.

I bet in the future historians will split time into "before internet" and "after internet" eras.

#history #futurology

@tbernard Tobias there is a GTK version on Flathub , however I have to say I like the web based UI particularly since it is agnostic to your OS, I have been syncing between Apple, and Linux computers before - that is partially why Synthing is so powerful

@gamingonlinux i will have to try the new version, for me the only game launcher that has worked reasonably well so far launching Rebel Galaxy Outlaw using Vulkan Radv with my AMD 500 firepro GPU on Debian 12 has been Heroic using Wine-GE and automatically applied known prefixes, Lutris did not work at that time, Wine did not work, Steam with Proton did not work.

Lutris 0.5.15 Fixes Crashes When Using Wayland With High DPI Gaming Mice

Lutris 0.5.15 has been released as the newest version of this open-source game manager that allows managing games from within Steam, GOG, various retro game console / emulator solutions, and other sources...

"OpenAI says it’s “impossible” to create useful AI models without copyrighted material"

10 years ago three dudes from Sweden were hunted by FBI, Interpol and their own government for challenging copyright laws and seeking a fresh approach without ever profiting from it. 🏴‍☠️

Now venture capitalist-backed corporations will sell us our own copyrighted material at a premium. Working tirelessly to embed it in every product designed from now on so you will not be able to avoid it. 💰

I seriously can’t understate how important all of the work on #postmarketOS is to the #solarpunk future.

If installing adblockers is the largest consumer boycott in history, then #postmarketOS is an insurgency against planned obsolescence.

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the "fragile" but quite well working reform next prototype and the almost production grade pocket reform at #37c3

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Researchers, policymakers, litigators, activists and journalists around the country used the Atlas of Surveillance in 2023 to shine light on policing technology.

Dear Amazon, I barely use Prime Video because your app is so incredibly shitty. Now you want me to pay extortion fees to avoid ads?

You’re pushing people to piracy. You do realize that, right? It’s already a better experience to download your shows and use a better player.

What happened to the two day shipping you promised?

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