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Example of why you should not use FaceID to unlock your phone, this time from Norway: in 2022, a 28yo man filmed a uniformed police officer assault his two 26yo friends. The officer took his phone, turned it towards him to unlock it and deleted the video.

“No I didn’t come to play,
Spill the tea, and pass the jay.” — Didn’t Come To Play, by Dope St Jude. From the Resilient EP.

@chort @thegrugq @tomatospy Agreed. Expertise is the combination of knowledge, skills and *experience.* Which is why training isn’t enough. You have to experience many different situations in #infosec.

I was inspired by this great write-up on operating your own email server by @jwildeboer : (Worth a read!). So I sat down and built some automation around this excellent blog post.

Long story short here's "version 0.1" of a dockerised mailservice: It features SMTP and IMAP servers, supports TLS (via letsencrypt), DKIM/DMARC for sending and receiving, and comes with a monitoring suite.

Set-up requires only minimal configuration.

Check it out at .

I will never criticize anyone for worrying about follower counts on social media because I live in the United States where a few thousand more followers might be the only thing that saves you when you launch your seemingly inevitable medical emergency GoFundMe.

So folks, don't forget to check if your Ikea chair is compatible with your screen. I'm not kidding. A thread 🧵.

I've had the problem with my new screen for several weeks now, that every now and then the screen goes black for a few seconds.

Today I had enough and wanted to investigate the problem. So I started changing all the cables, plugging the screen into a different socket, and and and. Nothing helped.

Shameless plug: thanks to some hard work by my awesome iCloud Keychain colleagues, all your keychain secrets are belong to you. They’re end-to-end encrypted and we have no way to read them:

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As of iOS and iPadOS 16.4, web apps saved to your Home Screen support badging!
We've heard questions about the deets, so we wrote a blog post with the deets.

Claiming that large language models will give rise to AGI is like me saying, "Soon my toaster will be making bread from scratch."

A juvenile bald eagle in its nest, just south of Galena, Ohio.

The resolution isn’t great, as the photo was taken with my iPhone.

If I’m honest, I think React is bad technology, and I’m mad at what it and the surrounding JS community has done to the web.

Respect to all workers, but there are better ways.

Once again, I'm reminded of how much the billionaire space race has absolutely destroyed my love of rockets.

10 years ago, I definitely would have been paying close attention to the current giant SpaceX launch. But because I know it's going to be used to launch hundreds of unregulated, unsafe, polluting, for-profit Starlink satellites at once, I just can't look.

Instead of being excited and awestruck by a new gigantic rocket launch, it just makes me want to puke.

Socialism is a scare word they've hurled at every advance the people have made. Socialism is what they called public power, social security, deposit insurance, and independent labor organizations. Socialism is their name for anything that helps all people.

—Harry Truman, 1952

A neat little reminder for Christofascists you may run across.

Hi everyone, I'm a totally blind electronic musician. Looking for a audio, developer fluent in C++ d to help me with a very special open source project to assist blind people with electronic music production. If you can help me, or know anyone in your network who can please reach out and get at me. Thanks very much everyone :-) #electronic music :-)

Could we maybe stop shaming people for reading kids’ books? Adult books are full of sad people having affairs while kids’ books have magic wardrobes and worms driving around in apples; you tell me who’s winning.

I work for the government, and every year I have to take an ethics course to remind me not to do the things Clarence Thomas has done.

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