A juvenile bald eagle in its nest, just south of Galena, Ohio.

The resolution isn’t great, as the photo was taken with my iPhone.


Second set of battery rooms are now hydrogen filled and connected to the first set. Here is the thermal overlay: 24 batteries, under 30C.

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Here is the gas overlay for the battery boxes. The top room is filled with Hydrogen, and already in-use. The room below is being vacuumed out. When the second room is all vacuum, the pump will be disabled, the insulated tiles between the two rooms will replaced with airflow tiles, and the hydrogen will fill both rooms.

The wheezeworts were planted using Pips. Which is why I'm vacuuming out rooms, instead of digging out vacuumed rooms from the start.

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c335 This play-through, I started out with the Super Sustainable achievement in mind. I've since surpassed the achievement, but continuing with the sustainable constraints (no polluting power). This screenshot shows my current solar power array, and initial battery boxes.

I'm still learning how to , so maybe this will help another. The screenshot shows the client, and the public timelines that I have added, from 3 other instances.

Oxygen Not Included gampeplay 

My oldest kiddo made this:
A Bûche de Noël, with gluten-free chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling, chocolate bark, and meringue mushrooms.

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