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The root problem is that of incentives. First-parties want to monetize without charging users. Current answer to this is ads. Personalized ads pay better, hence tracking exists. If resisted, FPs will retain server-side tracking and worse, bring in-content, unblockable ads.

Can we make non-personalized ads more profitable than personalized ads or in-content ads for first-parties? Should we? I have my preferences ("No ads of any kind, even if this means less content"). But is that the best?

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I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand that Apple, Google, or Amazon can simply _decide_ to remove access to anything you've "purchased", including many physical goods (if they are internet-connected and running proprietary software), and you have absolutely no recourse.

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Jag gav just en person ett medlemskap i i julklapp! Gör det du också för att skapa en mer digitalt fridfull #dfrijul med @dfri.

Ha en god jul med ökat privatliv och integritet! Mindre #Hackad och mer #dfrijul!

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Encryption helps protect the privacy of people you communicate with, and makes life difficult for bulk surveillance systems. Learn how with our Email Self Defense guide:

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@rumo @eliasr @matrix Sorry to wade in late, but I Have Thoughts.™️

The answer is easy: put the original on peertube or wherever, and put a shorter version or a teaser on youtube, with a link to the rest. Give people a path toward discovering the approach to video sharing that doesn't take advantage of them.

Don't be satisfied slouching to youtube if you are supposed to be an organization with a vision! Give people what they want, reach them, and push things in the right direction! #privacy

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The #nobelprize winners have been announced this week. And here is Nobel Prize official #linkeddata web site that I built this spring in cooperation with @metasolutions:

In Swedish, E-identification, FOSS 

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Using #FreeSoftware everyday from OSes (for desktop and mobile) to a music player, I've realized the value of freedom of software and the reason why free software is not the matter of price (gratis).

Basically this is the matter of rights, responsibility, and ethics of the civil society. See "Mutual recognition of freedom" by Hegel.

It is unfortunate that free software has been mainly the topic of computer geeks and established thinkers around the world have not thought about that quite much.

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Vill du bidra till att Sverige får ordentliga e-legitimationer som alternativ till #BankID och #FrejaID? Missade du förra veckans projektmöte 15/9?

Läs mer om det nystartade projektet här:

#FrejaEID #eID #EIDAS #mydata #eleg #elegitimation

Got this ridiculous notice from a web page earlier today.

It's like something from Kafka's Der Prozess. If Josef K. had a computer, I bet it would have shown him messages like this. 🙂

Marina Hyde continues:

"If you give a minister a brief that encompasses the entire media, the UK’s data strategy, regulating big tech, 5G rollout, cyber-security, the charity sector, the whole of sport and the £100bn-plus creative industries, and they spend so much as ONE NANOSECOND fanning up some culture war nonsense about panto, that isn’t so much playing with the box as taking a shit in it. And nobody, other than fellow infants, wants to see that."


Marina Hyde in The Guardian is sharp and funny, as usual.

"Even so, I had to balk at the Spectator’s suggestion that Nadine “will oversee a more punchy attitude to the culture war aspect of her brief”. Sorry, but what culture war aspect of her brief?! Psychologists say that if you give a child a present and they end up playing with the box, then the toy you gave them was too complicated for them."


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Just went through the Email Self-Defense guide at and things seem to work.

Feel free to send me encrypted email to -- my public key fingerprint is D177 C791 04F9 661D 0018 7085 1B65 055E 70A2 3D81 😎

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