This screen that shows on when installing really bugs me. It is purely based on the integer value targetSdkVersion, without considering our security model, public audits results, track record over 10+ years, exclusive use of memory safe languages, or even what our code actually does. It is as if marked anything that comes from Google as containing ads and trackers. 1/2

I will go one step further and say that calling an "unsafe app" by this standard is dishonest. It seems that some at also agreed, since the older version of that screen was honest: "Blocked by Play Protect" instead of "Unsafe app blocked". Looks like the team is still focused on protecting their , this time using scare tactics. 2/2

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Looks like the latest release of , v1.17.0, does not get flagged by , at least in the 14 emulator. I heard some reports that v1.16.4 also isn't flagged. I don't really know why its flagging F-Droid then. v1.16.4 has an unchanged , but v1.17.0 has it bumped to 28. I have found no way to get info on why they are flagging the app, just this silly "unsafe" warning screen. Is F-Droid being flagged by Google Play Protect on your devices? Please let me know.

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@MyWoolyMastadon F-Droid Nearby is actually a different app, it is not the client app, it is just the nearby app swapping functionality, nothing else. does not allow other app stores in.

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