So the ad on this episode says: "Bitwarden doesn't track your data, only crash reporting, and even that is removed in the F-Droid installation." at around 16:30

Maybe not a big deal, but it seems like a new level for : people paying money to promote based on F-Droid's principals, in this case, opt-out data collection is tracking.

It turns out that is not yet included in @fdroidorg because of the difficulty of confirming that setups are fully . We welcome help here, to unlock lots of apps built with Xamarin.

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@eighthave @fdroidorg I still don't get. If it is possible to build xamarin-android with #foss and as #foss, why not building it once in a while in a different CI job and use the artifacts? If it has too much dependencies, put it in a #container image and run it rootless with #podman. Or am I missing something?


@copyrights @fdroidorg That's the basic idea of how lots of toolkits are handled in . The devil is in the details, and someone just needs to actually get it building within the F-Droid setup.

@copyrights @fdroidorg There aren't any people involved currently, that is probably why this hasn't happened yet. Also, another aspect of this is that we need a way to verify that any libraries that an app downloads are also free software. We know how to do that for Maven repos, for example.

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