Jean-Baptiste Kempf on earning a living with :

"Money can restrict you. Of course you need a decent income, but you’re programming, you’re a developer in one of the most active industries, where there is virtually no unemployment, you’re going to be earning enough no matter what city you’re based in. Sure, more money would be fun, but most of the people I know who have more money are annoying. And if it makes you a slave to your work, what good is that?"

@eighthave And for any of you like-minded people out there, we are regularly looking to hire free software contractors to work on projects around improving privacy on mobile phones and the internet! Get in touch!

@eighthave That didn't age too well. Job market is garbage right now.

@lispi314 I think it is clearly still true now, from what I see, especially for devs set up to freelance. But perhaps not everywhere. It might mean doing something that is a bit out of the ordinary to find the work.

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