I just made two exciting discoveries using my .

I postponed any work on using maps and navigation until just the moment I needed a map on a trip in an unknown region.

I started gnome-maps and painfully slow moved the map to the place I knew I would be in doubt about taking the right turns - just in case.

And really, there's been unexpected constructions in the road and I had to go another way and had problems finding back to my planned route.


@chrichri Just for the record - GNOME Maps being painfully "slow" is actually a phoc bug that's fixed in 0.21.0, which just landed in octarine and should reach byzantium together with new phosh release that's about to happen any day now.

PS. Pure Maps sure is awesome! :)

@dos @chrichri huh, could you link the bug? I'm very curious--I've seen that behavior and it was incredibly frustrating

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