Every now and then I like to give a shout out to software that has made my life a lot better. This time I like to give a mention to G.I.M.P / GLIMPSE. I think we are so lucky to have free access to such a powerful and feature rich application that has been around for a while now and only gets better with time!

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The @gnome
#PatentTroll defense fund is *very* close to crossing into 6 figures. Even giving tiny amounts send a strong message about the number of donors who are motivated by this attack on our community! The donation goal is now totally within reach.

Thanks @gnome for the great work you do for everyone as we all benefit. By taking action on behalf of the opensource ecosystem against patent trolls it helps make the world a better place for all (maybe not the trolls though). Remember because of @purism and GNOME we finally have a great mobile phone UI. Shout out to KDE, UBUNTU touch, Pine64 and others helping linux on mobile become a safe alternative reality for all!


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@purism What they are doing is cool! Helping software and hardware be more free and open for all! AND producing one of the (if not THE first) truly open phone! Something worth celebrating!

For electronic musicians and audio programmers a simple tutorial on 'Creating a Metronome' using opensource software Puredata/ PD. :)


If anyone is interested in music and tech I've started a blog. It follows the journey of creating a MIDI and AUDIO recording home studio in PUREDATA/ PD.


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