How funny is that: cross-compiled the first time. Kernel for my is working. I'll have to see if a merge request to include btusb by default is accepted in its repo...

On my I tried to connect a Cherry MW 8 mouse and a Sennheiser MB660 via . Didn't work. To get a hold on the reason I decided to check with different bluetooth hardware and bought an usb bluetooth dongle. Now that I have the btusb kernel modul after cross compiling the kernel I can connect the mouse and the headset.

Listening to 320k mp3 on on my just now.

Mouse works without glitches.

Problem seems to be the build-in bluetooth.

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Hm, o.k. connection to the headset broke after a few minutes and was hard to recover.
Anyway, it looks like the software stack for of on the is not the main problem and the built-in adapter causes most of the problems.

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