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"Post-goth with JPEG artifacts" is how I'm gonna describe myself from now on.

New: thanks to Apple's locked down architecture on iOS, it's almost impossible to tell whether your iPhone has been hacked.

Here's why, and why that's dangerous.


Use Tor
Use Signal
Apply updates
Accept that every device could be, but probably isn’t, compromised
Live your life

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End to end encryption does nothing to protect against attacks on your endpoint, true. And seatbelts and airbags do nothing to prevent your car from being hit by a meteorite.


@bane the "leak" would be when the notice goes from non-public to public

i'm not saying purism fucked up here, i'm just being careful since it *could* happen

somebody on ssg posts something in a non-public scope that ends up federating to purism somehow

pursim could decide to show it as public since they don't support non-public scopes

to avoid any potential mistakes, ssg just doesn't send non-public scoped notices to purism

browsers are full of bloat. just crashed firefox for having too many tabs open…

there is no such thing as too many tabs :ree:

This instance will be free speech always. Please spread the word and let's get more users online and build this platform!

Out here promoting Librem One everywhere, where's my free Premium package?

we're seeing boredom levels at about 38%

(38%) ■■■□□□□□□□

The war on "fake news" by *governments* is merely a way to prop up censorship and restrict criticism of those who are already in power. 🤨

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