Voted and got the run done
w/ 200, 400m intervals at the track
Now shower, eat, then play w/ some dash & plotly
Feeling good :D

"There is no glory in practice,
but without practice,
there is no glory."

Another day of learning
Day 20 of my 100 day Challenge
Slowly starting to grasp ideas and a bit more fluent in coding

Now starting Fluent
That is a real door stopper of a book 😜 😎

And that was the last day of this year.
That means a day or 2 for me to get stuck into :D

Best one yet on , I have 3rd party disabled (for good reason I think) now on site, for my opt-out options I should activate 3rd party cookies ????
Someone is taking the pee me thinks 😅
mysql conect search

agenda for today:
project (small4beginner) , a wet + rainy a bit of and I've got to clean my and maybe something to eat too, would be good. wishing you all a great day! :D

program for today: Run 45 min, biking, shopping, then learning (the hard way; at least 3 chp) + a bit of
Wishing you all a great day :D

course has been canceled :( ok, that means back to the books and youtube for the weekend ;-)

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