Morning run (7km) done, making 49km for the week :-)
Now on my way to
Hope you all have a good day :D

First 2023 done. An easy 7km at a 6:40 pace (km)
13C sunny, like a nice spring afternoon, only thing is we're in the middle of winter :\
wish you all a great 2023 :)

Voted and got the run done
w/ 200, 400m intervals at the track
Now shower, eat, then play w/ some dash & plotly
Feeling good :D

NYD run done 13km in 80min 😁
Wish you all a very successful & fossful
New Year, and the best of health.

Yes, I'm still :)
but don't post all my runs, let's call it being polite..... or simply laziness 😅
today 55 min, v. slow in the dark.
I FEEL GOOD! so goooood

So last in 2019 done 😁
38 min of fartlek on a nice chilly sunny day.
Somehow looking forward to 2020
Hope you all have a good time getting there 😎

done :D
a good 40 min at a very easy pace. cold an no sunshine, but also no wind. Once again a little retro, just a stopwatch, no & no
Feels good to have gotten out two times in the last 3 days.
Wishing you all a nice relaxing sunday evening

done 😀
easy 30 min, then a bit of strength stuff afterwards. looking to keep & build it up over the next few weeks.

Also going classic, just a stopwatch
No HRM no GPS just timing

nice & sunny morning run 25 min
but my calf is still a bit painful :(
time :D

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