With some preparatory work to allow plugins to use objects from #phosh core and @arunmani 's nice work on custom quick settings already merged the often asked for caffeine toggle is within reach:

#gtk #gnome #LinuxMobile

@agx @phosh @arunmani Night light and caffeine plugins as default, yes please :). So cool

@alaraajavamma @phosh @arunmani you have to enable/disable the additional ones but I hope we land UI support for this in 0.39 too:

@agx @phosh @arunmani
how does the nightlight work (technicaly) in phosh? does it only work when the displaydriver supports gamma adjustments?
just asking coz i am strugglig with building a nightlight for sxmo...

@pocketvj @phosh @arunmani Yes, the display stack and Wayland compositor need support for it. Sway supports it so wlsunset (sr.ht/~kennylevinsen/wlsunset/) should already work.

@agx @phosh @arunmani
thanks... so it will still not work on a #op6 since there is no gamma driver 😑
keep on messing with overlaying a .png

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